Ron’s Story

Jun 9, 2021 | Featured, Good Stories

A conversation with Ron is like a masterclass in personal development. Now in his 60s, Ron has high functioning borderline personality disorder and has experienced many health, weight and mobility issues. And while his optimism and positive outlook shine through, it wasn’t always like this. 

Working with his One Good* Day recovery coaches has given Ron the confidence to start really living life on his own terms – and his wise advice applies to those with a psychosocial disability as well as anyone looking to gain perspective and live their truth.

Be proactive

When Ron was younger, he experienced trauma and abuse at home. And when his borderline personality disorder emerged, it had a profound impact on his daily life.

“You feel empty inside and you tend to binge eat, so if my emotions aren’t regulated, I can go onto a binge,” he explains. “When I got sick, I lost all my structure – but when I couldn’t work I had no structure, but now I am building it back up. I just want to get some independence back so I don’t have to rely on other people all the time.”

While it wasn’t always the case, Ron became determined to find the right support. That’s when he was introduced to One Good* Day Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and met Kollen who was able to start working with Ron almost immediately to help him navigate his NDIS plan.

“When we talk about something, they action it as soon as they can,” he explains. “Because at some stage, you’ve got to put your trust in someone – if things aren’t working, the sooner I get better and get more active, the better.”

Remove negative people from your life

Having regular contact and Recovery Coaching with Kollen and Mimi (his other recovery coach) demonstrated to Ron that there are people out there who can provide good support. He realised that many people in his life weren’t offering the right kind of assistance so he made the choice to remove them from his life.

“People are always telling you what you’re entitled to or what you deserve – I even had someone tell me ‘it’s about time you did something’!” Ron quips. “Knowing that I’ve got the support around me [from One Good*Day] means I don’t have to compromise and depend on negative people anymore.”

This is a lesson Ron believes has transformed his day to day life. It allows him to recognise behaviour patterns and feel empowered to make better choices. “I could not have been more impressed by the support that opened up some doors to live a full life,” he explains.

Take a chance and trust the process

Ron’s energy is infectious and it’s partly because he’s taken the time to work on himself and his recovery.

“Everybody there [at One Good* Day] is trying to do something to support you. But when you’re not in a good place, the hardest thing to do is get some trust back,” he highlights. 

Many of our clients feel alone in their mental health journey – an NDIS Recovery Coach can demystify the NDIS and become a regular and consistent source of support and information. Ron’s confidence grew with our presence in his life and we’re proud of how far he has come – he’s a living example of our ethos.  

It’s about that One Good* Day…

To learn more about One Good* Day Recovery Coaching, please contact us, we’re here to support you in your journey to mental wellness. 

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