We are committed to you. We use a team approach to ensure that our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are there at the right time with the right skills.

Our team comes from a background of lived and learned experience. That means we are always professional but we have an understanding that runs deep. We’ve been there. We get it.

As well as hearing your specific requirements, our team of coaches has an understanding of NDIS planning and mental health. We’re essentially your very own cheer squad, advocates, guides, and motivation managers. We believe in you.

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Photo of team member Kollen

Kollen (he/him)


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Kollen Sussman has decades of leadership and education experience and is now known for building effective, modern service organisations under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Kollen’s passion is to create empowering places to work because he knows these environments attract the best people and lead to the best outcomes for clients. Respect, trust, accountability, and walking alongside people on their own journey are central to his approach.

Kollen is a co-founder at OG*D (along with Sam). Kollen has oversight of Direction, Connection and Culture.

Photo of co-founder Sam

Sam (he/him)


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Sam Crinall has been working in mental health and human services for over 15 years. From working in front-line service delivery roles, leading operational teams, and holding senior executive positions – including for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). His passion is contributing to building more inclusive communities and providing quality services for people with ongoing support needs.

Sam is a co-founder at OG*D (along with Kollen). Sam has oversight of Tools, Rules and Treasury.

Photo of team member Lisa

Lisa (she/her)

National Manager Recovery Coaches

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Lisa has loads of experience at a senior management level for service delivery organisations. She draws on her own experience and passion for inclusive communities to deliver outstanding services to the people we support.

Photo of team member Zac

Zac (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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Facing and overcoming my own personal mental health battles, I wanted to turn those negative situations into positive one’s, by helping others overcome their own struggles.

I always had a great passion for helping people in recovery, so when I saw the philosophies that One Good* Day stood for, I knew our goals aligned.

I would characterise myself as a very passionate, hard working and caring individual who has always wore my heart on my sleeve and will go above and beyond for the people I care about.

Photo of Recovery Coach Samantha

Samantha (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work. I stared working in the mental health sector 5 years ago, starting off as a Complex Care Mental Health Support Worker, assisting NDIS participants transition back into the community from long hospital admissions. I then wanted to further my NDIS knowledge and started working in NDIS Plan Management.

Working with and being an advocate for participants in their mental health recovery is something that I am strongly passionate about. No one should feel alone. I want to walk alongside my clients through the good days and the bad days, celebrate the small and the big successes in achieving their goals. I believe in focusing on ones’ strengths and taking small steps to achieve those goals and visions that clients envision in their future. Together, we can achieve these goals, one small step and one day at a time.

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t” – John Green

Photo of team member Georgina

Georgina (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I began my journey as a Monitoring Services Operator for more than 10 years, where I learnt about putting the client first and always going the extra mile by making every client experience a pleasant one. While on this route I was introduced to Counselling – which opened a lot of doors for me after I finished my Diploma in Counselling.

My role as a Psychosocial Support Worker  helped me gain a lot of experience by assisting several clients with Mental Health illnesses like anxiety disorders (PTSD, Social anxiety, OCD), depression, bipolar, schizophrenia at their homes and hospital.  My passion for the job oiled the wheels of Recovery Coaching for me. This began with helping clients build confidence, resilience and finding different services and supports.

Recovery Coaching for me is an opportunity to keep cheering my clients on and assisting them to keep moving and never give up. My favourite quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”.

Photo of team member Bastiaan

Bastiaan (he/him)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I completed a Bachelor and Master in Psychology in The Netherlands and have worked as a psychosocial Support Worker assisting clients with schizophrenia, cPTSD, DID, OCD and ASD in their homes. This background informs my work as a Recovery Coach.

As a Recovery Coach I aim to be your ally and your point of contact for any questions. Navigating the NDIS, services and living your day-to-day life is a bit easier when you have someone in your corner that can support you when you need. You’re the captain of your ship, and it’s my goal to help you establish a crew and tools so you can sail to your destination.

In my personal life, I love discovering the nature that Victoria has to offer. Being out in nature clears my mind and it’s a break from always being ‘on’. I also love spending time with my two cats, friends and trying out new restaurants. I have personally dealt with depression and anxiety and know all too well how life can be turned upside down, but know that with the right steps that there is hope.

Photo of Recovery Coach Jarrett

Jarrett (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I have a postgraduate qualification in counselling from Swinburne University, allowing me to build trusting relationships with clients that are based on a professional code of ethics. I also bring with me 2 years of experience as an NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach with One Good* Day.

My approach to Recovery Coaching is founded upon a holistic approach which looks at the whole person. From there, I support clients to achieve their goals by tailoring and linking them with the right providers, services and supports based on their unique circumstances, needs, and preferences. Choice and control are at the heart of this process, in line with the principles of recovery-oriented practice.

I enjoy anything involving physical activity and sunshine, and can be found participating in a range of hobbies including going to the gym, bouldering, and scenic hikes with my Maltese x Shih Tzu named ‘’Fluffy’’! My favourite quote is ‘’love yourself more on your bad days’’.

Photo of Recovery Coach Emma

Emma (she/her)

Head of Practice

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After studying a Certificate III and Diploma in Community Services Work, I have been working in the disability industry and psychosocial support services for the last 5 years.

I am passionate about creating a positive influence with a client-centred, strengths based, holistic approach, built on trust and respect.

A famous philosopher once said: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen as much as we speak”. Everyone has a different story to be heard and I enjoy supporting others to write the next chapter in their life.

With a combination of learned and lived experience and understanding of the importance of self-discovery and finding meaning in your life. For me, mindfulness practices and being out in nature helps me to feel connected and stay grounded.

Photo of team member Ritamaree

Ritamaree (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I have a background working as a disability Support Worker and Specialist Support Coordinator. I also hold a Social Work qualification having worked in the Homelessness and Aged Care sector. I enjoy working from a person-centred approach with individuals with psychosocial disabilities and helping them to achieve their goals.

For me, Recovery Coaching is about working together with someone on their own personal journey and valuing that each person’s journey is unique. Whilst working from a non-judgemental strength based approached in order to help each individual achieve their goals.

I am a caring, passionate, and spiritual person. I have a love for animals and am happiest when surrounded by my family and friends. I enjoy reading and practicing mindfulness in my spare time.

Photo of team member Megan

Megan (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have spent many years working in a mental health hospital in my role as a Pathology Collector. This inspired me to complete further study. I hold a dual qualification in Mental Health and Peer work.

I am passionate about creating a positive environment for clients where they feel safe and respected. I bring a holistic approach to Recovery Coaching which has been beneficial for me in my own recovery journey.

My own lived and learned experience has taught me to slow-down and not overcomplicate my life with unnecessary distractions. I take care of myself physically and mentally by creating healthy habits and routines which help to ease my anxiety and depression. Some of my favourite past-times are yoga, reading, quality time with family and friends, and being active outdoors.

Photo of team member Bree


Recovery Coach

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My introduction to this sector was through working as a Support Worker and studying individual support. This role took me into working in a school full time and respite and holiday care. I then went on to study a Diploma of Counselling.

I feel inspired and motivated to work as a Recovery Coach because I understand One Good* Day’s morals. Myself and the company both feel that working towards having an empowered and fulfilled life takes time and support and my goal is to be that support for you.

I am a soft-hearted person that loves a romantic or heartfelt movie, I love to experience all the emotions of what it means to be human. In my spare time I like studying different cultures, traditions, and histories. I like dancing, hula hooping and getting my heart rate up by moving my body.

Photo of team member Jane

Jane (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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For many years I’ve been passionate about working in mental health. Having recently become qualified, I am really looking forward to working together with people to bring about positive change.

In my role as a Recovery Coach with One Good* Day I want to work collaboratively, and in a holistic way to help people live fulfilled and enriched lives. I’m a big fan of the concept “it takes a village”, and believe in building a support network around our clients where they feel safe, empowered, and capable to take on the world.

I’m an avid animal lover and gardener, and love to get crafty and creative in my down time. My favourite quote is: “This can be the last time we take the first step to change”.

Photo of Recovery Coach Jake

Jake (he/him)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and have spent a number of years working in a similar role, supporting and empowering people and children with physical, mental and social disabilities in their day to day lives.

As a Recovery Coach for One Good* Day, I bring a positive, non-judgemental attitude and a coaching focus on client’s strengths, as every individual possesses their own unique skillsets in life, many of which they may not even realise they have! I am patient in my approach to coaching, and recognise that much like Rome not being built in a day, holistic mental health recovery cannot be achieved in a single day!

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength”- Marcus Aurelius

Photo of team member Kelly

Kelly (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have spent most of my career working in coaching, training and sales management roles, however after going through my own mental health crisis a few years ago, I took the opportunity to attain my Cert IV in Mental Health, with the goal of combining my work, lived and learned experience and utilising it to work in a field I am truly passionate about – Recovery Coaching!

I support my clients via a holistic, strengths-based approach and always look for the silver lining. I walk the journey with my clients, riding the ups and downs together.

I am a voracious reader, love painting, singing, walking, cycling and spending time in the sun. As a yoga teacher and dedicated yogi, one of my favourite quotes is “No mud, no lotus.”

Photo of team member Rufino

Rufino (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I have worked in several fields including, disability, education, customer experience, horticulture, hospitality and tourism. My career path has taught me that all people have much to offer and contribute when they are respected and feel valued.

I am passionate about contributing towards an inclusive society that values and celebrates all of its members. As a Recovery Coach I am looking forward to working closely with people to support them in achieving their goals and aspirations, to live their best life and be who they want to be.

I am a complete plant nerd and never tire of spending time in the garden. When I am out in nature I feel most alive and completely connected to the universe, this is when I am the best me and feel happiest.

Photo of team member Bec

Bec (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I have an extensive background in customer service and thrive when meeting and getting to know new people. After completely my qualification in Mental Health and vicariously experiencing the impacts of mental ill health, I am looking forward to working alongside you in your recovery journey and living a happier fulfilling life.

I am passionate whilst being empathic about working with people holistically and individually. I understand that one good day for one person is very different from someone else’s good day. I feel strongly about helping people find their spark and the importance of discovering something they enjoy.

I’m a huge advocate of being active and the outdoors. The positive impacts being in nature has on the mind and body is truly incredible, which is why I love running outdoors and exploring. Art is my therapy. I believe everyone can be creative – you just have to start. I am also obsessed with all animals.

Photo of Recovery Coach Vicky

Vicky (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I started my journey completing my Certificate in Individual Support. I worked for Blue Care for three years, learning along the way. I then completed my Certificate in Mental Health and became a disability Support Worker. 

I’ve loved helping others in the community for longer then I can remember, being valued as a person and focusing on future goals.

I have both lived and learnt experience, and always wanting to learn more! I love spending time with my son and reading books – I read books about psychology, anatomy, anything that I can learn from, and I love spring!!

Photo of team member Courtney

Courtney (she/her)

Senior Recovery Coach

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I have worked in the Disability and Mental Health space for the last 3 years, with my main experience in acquired brain injuries and psychosocial disabilities.  I have a lived and learned experience of mental health, I have studied community services and nursing and have personal experience navigating the mental health system.

I work with my clients with a person-centred approach, I work with each individual client based around their personal preferences and needs. It is important to me to collaborate and work towards the client’s individual goals one step at a time.

I am a massive animal lover, lover of true crime documentaries, hunting for bargains at the opp shop, enjoy my weekly boxing and enjoy a good book.

Photo of Recovery Coach Gokhan

Gokhan (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I have come from working as a Psychosocial Support Worker for people with mental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, social phobia and much more. I am also currently studying for a graduate diploma in psychology at UNSW.

Nothing in this life is permanent which is probably the best thing about it. Change occurs every moment and it doesn’t always come easily. In these instances, I want to be there for people who go through these transitions so that we can make the process smoother together.

We accept life as it is but also put effort to make it more suited for our needs. It may sound contradictory at first glance. However, that’s the balance in life. Once we attain it, everything will make more sense.

Photo of team member Matt

Matt (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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After being in business in a client focussed service industry I re-educated myself with a counselling degree. I have spent time as a counsellor, also working with groups facing anxiety and mental health issues, and also as a telephone counsellor with the Salvo Care line. 

I am excited to work with One Good* Day as a Recovery Coach. Their values and approach align very strongly with me. I believe everyone has a story to tell, an experience to share and intrinsic worth to grow. Where empathy exists genuinely there lives an unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and each other. 

I have lived with anxiety and hypertension most of my life preventing me from living fully. I now love the freedom of expression of my feelings and emotions through music and photography. Being able to share my feelings and emotions through these mediums helps me live and breathe a fuller life. 

Photo of team member Isabella

Isabella (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I decided to study for a Diploma in Mental Health during my personal healing journey. Understanding mental health and connecting with people is very special to me. I believe through connection we can achieve exceptional things. I have previously worked as a Mental Health Support Worker helping people overcome their struggles and assisting them create the life they aspire to.

Recovery Coaching for me is helping people live their best life by managing goals, focusing on their strengths, and supporting them with their needs. Every individual is unique, and I find it incredibly rewarding to see them grow.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” – Carl Bard

Photo of team member Emily D

Emily D (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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Working as a general registered nurse I have gained knowledge and insight into not only the biological processes of our body, but also the psychological. I came to the realisation that I had a unique set of skills and I wanted to help people in such a way that was meaningful to me and began work as a Support Worker and am currently enrolled in the Graduate Cert of Mental Health.

As a Recovery Coach with both lived and learned experience, I come from a place of understanding that the path to recovery is not always linear and there will be good and not so good days. You are the expert in your own lived experience but I will be here to provide you with the support and skills whilst walking with you on this journey.

On an unconscious level trauma and mental illness can rewire the brain, but what I find most incredible, is that through our conscious thoughts and actions we can reshape ourselves into whatever we choose.
Despite my PTSD, depression and anxiety, I choose to fill my life with being active through gym, enjoying nature while camping, gaming (PC and xbox) and creative outlets – such as sewing as well as absorbing information and new skills through further study.

Photo of Recovery Coach Beck

Beck (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have 20 years experience in both aged/disability care and have experience with supporting family members as well as clients who suffer with Mental health issues.

I have experience in Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol as well as Mental Health. My hands on experience brings great passion to empower people to overcome their best life.

I have great empathy and desire to help others overcome struggles due to their mental health by adovcating their needs and wants.

As an individual I enjoy helping others in and around my community, lending a helping hand. Self love and care is important to me, I do this by spending time with family and friends, watching movies or going for massage. My favourite quote is something I find I say to myself a lot as well as others around me:

Ability: is what you are capable of doing

Motivation: Determines what you do,

Attitude: Determines how well you do it  -if you,

Believe in yourself, Anything is Possiable…..

Photo of team member Jess P

Jess P (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have a Cert IV in Mental health and have worked as a Mental health Support Worker and Psychosocial Recovery Coach. During this time, I was lucky enough to support clients with a range of mental illnesses.

As a Recovery Coach, I support clients throughout their recovery journey which has always been incredibly fulfilling. I love to support people to help them live happy and meaningful lives.

I am a lover of the outdoors – you can usually find me exploring or “chasing” waterfalls on my free time. A short but meaningful quote that I love is “you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain”.

Photo of Recovery Coach Anthony

Anthony (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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Having recently completed my Certificate 4 in Mental Health I am here to guide you on your new path to recovery.

I love cooking, especially sweets and cakes. As a pastry chef for over 10 years, I have made and created all sorts of sweets and desserts from savoury to sweet. On top of that, I enjoy travelling and enjoy watching a good movie now and again.

Transitioning from hospitality to Recovery Coaching is a huge life changer for me and I couldn’t be happier to embark on my new journey with One Good* Day. I am kind and empathetic person who listens to peoples problems. I will always make time to sit by someone’s side and listen to others when they need someone to speak to.

Encouraging a person’s strengths and illustrating to clients that there is always a pathway for each and every person to walk on has always been there. The challenge for each person is to follow that path and know that they have the support there if they ever stray away from it.

Photo of team member Lauren

Lauren (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I’ve spent the past 5 years working within disability support, I am excited to move into the Mental Health sector which has been a personal passion of mine for many years.

Being a member of the One Good* Day team means my compassionate, supportive, and empathetic personality can be used to help people on their mental health journey.

My life experience with depression, anxiety & eating disorders has shaped the person I am today. Those experiences have provided me with great insight and has fuelled my passion to help others and increase my knowledge in this field.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu.

Photo of team member Dylan

Dylan (they/them)

Senior Recovery Coach

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While I was completing my Counselling Degree, I volunteered for the Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria for two years as Helpline Support and Support Group Facilitator. This has led me to working as a Disability Support Worker for the last 16 months focusing on Mental Health Support for NDIS participants.

I am curious about people’s stories and individual journeys; I want to assist people to feel seen, heard and understood. By providing a non-judgemental, person-centred approach to my work, I will be able to build great rapport and ultimately connect my participants with the right supports.

My love for sighthounds has led to my couch now being stacked with three inseparable and most adorable whippets. Animals, nature and the gym are my top three essentials of my mental health recovery plan.

Photo of team member Danielle

Danielle (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have background experience working as Disability and Mental Health space. My main experience is with acquired brain injuries, Autism and Psychosocial disabilities. 

I am passionate about bringing a positive impact to my client’s recovery journey and together we can achieve and work through their goals and needs.  I have experienced depression and anxiety and have overcome this through a holistic approach. 

I am a massive animal lover especially with dogs. I really enjoy reading spiritual books and love to cook. When I am not at work you will find me on a big bushwalk as I find there is nothing better then being in nature. 

Photo of Recovery Coach Bree

Bree (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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From the public to private sector including hospitals and not for profit organisations, I have a lifetime of experience in both the mental health and disability sector and have recently returned to university to complete my Bachelor of Counselling.

I truly consider it a privilege to walk alongside people to support them to reach their goals no matter how big or small. I am an advocate for reflective practice to ensure continued growth for not only my clients but for myself and truly believe in the concept that recovery starts with just ‘One Good day’ whatever that may look like to you.

I am a creative person who sometimes has spontaneous ‘I must paint the house’ days where I will decide the walls needs to be an entirely different colour. I am an appreciator of all kinds of music, love to get into the garden and walking my dog in the sunshine. 

Photo of team member Milca

Milca (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have been working in mental health and disability for the past 8 years. I worked as Mental health counsellor and disability support work. I have an Advanced Bachelor Degree in Psychology and am currently completing my Graduate certificate in Child, Family, and Couple counselling

My passion is to help people make their own choices and achieve their goals, so they can live a fulfilling life. I truly believe that with the right support, anyone can overcome obstacles and succeed.

I am known for my kind, good listener, patient, and empathetic nature. I have a good sense of humour and enjoy being outdoors, trying new adventures, traveling, and cooking.  

Photo of team member Sophie

Sophie (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have completed my Honours degree in Psychology, and have spent several years working as a Psychosocial Support Worker. I’m also currently studying a Masters of Counselling.

I am passionate about meeting every client where they are at on their recovery journey. I value a
person-centered, non-judgemental and holistic approach, where I will walk side-by-side with you on both the good days and challenging ones. I consider it a privilege to be able to meet someone on their recovery journey. As we progress step-by-step along this journey together, we will work
towards your goals and building your vision of a fulfilling life.

I’m a big dog person, love the outdoors and also anything creative. I think the arts help us express
some parts of the human experience that may be harder to put into words. When in doubt, dance it

Photo of team member Kelly

Kelly (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have spent most of my career working in Human Resources. I also have lived experience caring for a family member with complex mental health challenges and psychosocial disability, providing emotional, practical and vocational support. I hold a four-year degree in Psychology (Honours) and have a broad understanding of mental illness and how it can affect the way we think, feel and behave.

For me, working as a Recovery Coach is about empowering participants to overcome challenges and work toward achieving their own individual recovery and wellness goals. I take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of one’s life and environment that may be contributing to their current challenges, and focus on building upon participants’ strengths. I am warm, empathetic and non-judgemental, and I am passionate about helping people to live their best lives.

Personally, I love spending quality time my kids, being out in nature and moving my body. I really enjoy making meaningful connections with others and believe strongly in the power of spreading positivity and kindness.

Photo of team member Beth

Beth (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I am originally from the UK and completed a BA Honours Degree in Art and Design – focusing my thesis on Art Therapy. After moving to Australia in 2020 I have completed a certificate IV in Mental Health, I have spent the last year working as a Mental Health Support Worker.

I work in a client centred, strength based approach and always want to encourage people to be themselves and live their truth. I believe empowerment and self-acceptance are really important parts of recovery, helping people get through the tough times and feel truly fulfilled.

As both an artist and Recovery Coach, I focus on self-expression, independence and positivity, always. I like to use my creativity as an outlet to help explore emotions and find what makes us happy, or to work through things that are sometimes overwhelming or harder to understand.

Photo of team member Shannan

Shannan (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have a certificate in community services and am hoping to start my diploma soon. I started in the industry as a complex mental health Support Worker working with participants to re-engage into the community after long hospital stays and some that still live in community facilities.

For me, being a Recovery Coach is all about working within the community to discover participants long term goals and empower them to live their best lives. I’m super passionate about this journey and hope to learn, grow and expand my knowledge within an amazing team.

I’m a bit of a science fiction buff loving all things supernatural but a super sook when it come to scary movies, go figure. I’m a mum and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Photo of team member Guy

Guy (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I have been a youth worker facilitating activity camps for young persons. Following various roles in community support programs my journey involved disability/ mental health advocacy & support.

One Good* Day allows me to nurture a belief in Recovery Coaching with values and beliefs including: empathy, choice, freedom to dream, encouragement, inclusiveness and growing together.

I’m a dad with 2 boys and 2 bunny rabbits and a guitar. I love community/ family-based events. I like to learn and grow alongside people and through adversity challenge stigmas and enjoy fun experiences in life.

Photo of Recovery Coach Vicky

Kim (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I come from a background of providing mental health support as well as Personal Training, both with the aim to help people with their physical & mental wellbeing. Working as a Peer Worker in individual support, I have supported people with life challenges such as social anxiety, depression, personality disorders, CPTSD and more.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others move forward in life and assisting them to develop their self esteem and build trusting relationships with others. Being a Recovery Coach allows me to focus on the elements of care and support that are most important to the client, and help them on their individual journeys to achieving their goals.

I have previously overcome my own challenges through my love for music, dance, exercise & connecting with nature. I absolutely love teaching group fitness classes as it has enabled me to bring people together and create lasting connections through fun, fitness and lots of laughter!!

Photo of Recovery Coach Issy

Issy (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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My position as a Recovery Coach has stemmed from a combination of five years experience working in aged care, studying nursing, becoming a personal trainer, and most importantly my own unique journey through the recovery of my mental and overall health.

I am a highly empathetic person, and my experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge on how to utilise a holistic approach to aid others in building an empowering lifestyle that focuses on their strengths and goals.

I always love to be learning, whether that be through reading books, starting new crafty projects, going to the gym, cooking new recipes, and traveling.

A photo of team member Rebecca

Rebecca (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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Over the past years I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and worked as a Support Worker. This experience has led me to work with many individuals from different walks of life to help them reach fulfillment. My career has so far taught me the importance of teamwork and solid communication in order to provide good support.

As a Recovery Coach, I am a part of clients’ support system and find that extremely rewarding. I come with lived experience that helps me understand, empathise, be patient and passionate about clients. I firmly believe in a holistic approach and love the uniqueness of humans. The name of One Good* Day resonates with me because I personally understand that everyday is different and we sometimes have bad ones. However, setbacks are allowed in recovery and I will do my best to help you get through these days!

Despite my mental setbacks in life I have found hobbies in many creative ways. I am an avid tennis fan (formerly played for my local team), 3D puzzle enthusiast and documentary watcher (basically any genre). I can find enjoyment being both indoors and outdoors. I especially love music (particularly rock and 80’s) and do not go a day without listening to it. Music has been a fundamental part in providing joy to my daily life. A quote that I find helpful to tell myself or to others is “I need you to love me a little louder today.”

Photo of Recovery Coach Mitch

Parvin (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have been a carer to close family members facing mental health challenges for more than ten years. Being a carer inspired me to study and work in mental health. I have worked as peer support moderator at Headspace and Community Support Officer at emergency community hub.

Working as a Recovery Coach means being in a partnership with you. We work together to accomplish a common goal based on respect, trust and transparency. I believe in simplicity of life; it is ok to go slow, it is ok to take a small step and it is ok to wait.

“I wish you well on your journey of life, I hope you connect with some genuine souls along the way, and may you move between your failures with optimism, and always know life is fluid, it changes. Some things are too heavy to carry on your journey, but love is light, keep that.” Shams Tabrizi (Persian poet)

Photo of team member Emma G

Emma (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have worked in the community and in a hospital setting for over 15 years with adults and children in the disability sector. My most recent role since completing my Certificate 4 in Mental Health has been working with clients who need psychosocial support.

I really enjoy and am passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals, by listening and been supportive and creating a safe space for clients to be able to trust and build a rapport with me and be supportive in their recovery journey.

I have my own lived experience when I was a young adult, and this has taught me to be very understanding of others. I like to keep myself busy with my family and I take part in Cardio tennis once a week and have a very active dog that keeps me fit doing plenty of walks. 


Photo of team member Ngairi

Ngairi (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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Through the process of my personal recovery, I decided to study Psychology, to help and support others on their mental health journeys. Having recently completed an Honors equivalency program in Psychology whilst working in an autism spectrum disorder allied health clinic, I decided it was time to start working directly with clients using the combination of my experiences and knowledge to help others.

I’m passionate and motivated to work as a Recovery Coach as I want to support other’s on their journey to wellness. Just like One Good* Day, I believe recovery can start with just 1 good day and I want to help people practice resilience and to feel supported on the not so good days.

I am creative soul; I write songs and stories and art journalling to process emotions. I’m a life-long learner. I’m currently learning ukelele as a way to work through having lost someone important to me recently.

“Everybody is vulnerable at every stage of their lives; everybody is subject to illness, accident, personal tragedy, political and economic reality. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t also resilient and resourceful. Bearing other people’s vulnerability — which means sharing in it imaginatively and practically without needing to get rid of it, to yank people out of it — entails being able to bear one’s own“. – Adam Phillips & Barbara Taylor, 2010 from On Kindness.

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Strider (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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After recently beginning to work in community mental health, and completing my Cert IV in Mental Health & Psychosocial Recovery Coaching course, I am excited for this next chapter of my life.

I believe my lived experience with recovery will provide a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges that clients may face, whilst also serving as a source of inspiration and hope.

With my dedication to helping others and my commitment to ongoing learning and growth, I believe I have the potential to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of those navigating the often-challenging road to recovery.

I have travelled extensively, mountaineering across Alaska, Iceland, Patagonia, Himayalas, Atlas and Caucasus mountain ranges. I love to experience different cultures, and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna around the world. In more recent times I have moved to Melbourne to pursue my love of music and arts. I run a record label, an annual music festival and am passionate about ambient and experimental music.

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Belinda (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have been a Life Coach for 10 years and have continued to learn and study the effects our past can have on our present day actions and reactions.  Having experienced chronic depression, I can understand the associated feelings.

My reason for becoming a Life Coach was to assist clients through a journey of recovery much faster than my journey took me.  The method used in Recovery Coaching is empowering and realistic which excites me as a coach.

I set out to learn one new thing everyday.  This can be through conversation, experimenting with a new recipe, watching ‘how to’ on Facebook and just being open and aware of fun information on offer.

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Recovery Coach

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Prior to working at One Good* Day I completed a Bachelor of Psychology as well as a Graduate Diploma of Counselling. These qualifications, coupled with my own mental health journey, have given me the tools to help others overcome their battles and achieve their goals.

To me, being a Recovery Coach means doing my absolute best to make sure the participants I work with feel seen, heard and understood. I operate in a very person-centered way,  and I find it important to take the time to truly understand each participants unique needs so that I can support them no matter where they are on their journey.

I absolutely love cooking, but when I’m not doing that, you’ll find me reading a good book, painting or on a bush walk. I love all animals very much, but I have a soft spot for cats and have a little cat of my own named Bean.

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Cat (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I completed my Social Work degree in 2003. Since then I have worked in the Mental Health field in various support and leadership roles. More recently I have been raising my 3 young children and have completed a Master’s degree in Social Work.  

As a Recovery Coach working for One Good* Day it is important to build trusting and respectful relationships with clients. I believe a holistic approach needs to be taken when working with and advocating for individuals as every recovery journey is unique.

I love spending time with family and friends. I also love taking my kids on new experiences and spending time in nature.

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Lionel (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I have come from working as a Youth Worker/Lived experience, working in Trauma informed care. I have also worked as a Disability Support Worker working alongside people with disabilities with illlneses such as schizophrenia, Down syndrome, Intelectual disabilities, PTSD, OCD, ASD.

Being a Recovery Coach to me means not only assisting individuals in their journey toward wellness but also fostering a genuine connection and trust that empowers them to reclaim their lives. It aligns perfectly with my innate passion for helping others and my belief in the transformative power of compassion, making every day an opportunity to inspire positive change and hope.

My background in competitive sports has instilled in me the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and goal-setting. These qualities complement my role as a Recovery Coach, where I help clients set and achieve their personal recovery goals with the same drive and determination.

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Harmony (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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My journey has been shaped by a strong desire to make a positive impact, which led me to engage in overseas roles caring for and educating children, fostering a deep sense of empathy, and understanding. Currently I am pursuing an advanced psychology degree at Monash University, I’ve gained vital skills and workplace confidence that align perfectly with my passion for contributing to the mental health sector.

As a member of the One Good* Day team, being a Recovery Coach resonates with me as it aligns perfectly with my aspiration to become a clinical psychologist. Guiding individuals on their path to mental well-being feels like a natural extension of my compassionate and determined nature.

Clients often take comfort in my own journey of growth, seeing that it’s okay to feel fragile and vulnerable. Similar to a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, I strongly believe in the healing potential of self-discovery, echoing the famous poet Rumi: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you”.

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Tony (he/him)

Recovery Coach

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I’ve completed a Cert IV in Mental Health and have lived experience that includes being a carer.  I’ve got five years’ experience helping people navigate the NDIS and seen first-hand how it’s improved lives.   I’ve also spent more than twenty years in service industries and understand how important thoughtful listening and respectful questioning is if you really want to make a difference.

As your Recovery Coach I fully respect that this is your life.  I’ll be there to help you take steps in the direction and pace you choose.  I’ve always been creative so I can help you brainstorm and prioritise.  I’ll bring a sense of calm, a sense of humour, a bucket of resilience and all the positive energy you need.  Then, we will celebrate you and your wins, together!

I love too many things to list and have an interest in just about everything else.  I’m a positive person, genuinely interested in other people’s stories, culture, language, food, music and ideas.  Someone wise once asked me, “imagine you are in a very large room with a lot of other people, what would you need to do to touch all the walls at the same time?”  Then with a smile they answered, “hold hands”.

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Loren (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have a background in not-for-profit community organisations in support and coaching roles. Having graduated with a degree in psychology, and currently completing further postgraduate studies in mental health, I am eager to help and support people on their journey towards improving their mental health.

I value the importance of recognising and supporting each person based on where they are in their recovery, as every journey looks different. I share the vision of One Good* Day in starting with one good moment, and by taking just one small step at a time; together

Having been on my own mental health journey, I want to help others through the difficult times, but also offer hope in knowing that life really can get better. I feel my best out in nature; on outdoor adventures, road trips exploring new places, and hiking. I love all animals, and enjoy spending time with my German shepherd. “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost  

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Justine (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have worked in Mental Health inpatient units for the past 17 years in NSW as an Enrolled Nurse. In this field, I have gained a variety of experiences working closely with clients.

Being a Recovery Coach allows me assist with supporting, motivating, and advocating, for clients through their recovery. My experience allows me to foster empathy and understanding in supporting clients as well as the feeling of great job satisfaction.

My Passion is knowing I have made a difference in someone’s day, whether it be small or large. I believe the key to gaining someone’s trust is through a genuine connection with active listening, and communication.

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Jasmin (she/her)

Recovery Coach

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I have a degree in Social Work, and I am currently completing a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have experience as a case worker in alcohol and drugs, and as a youth worker.

I am a firm believer in you are the expert in your own journey and I am here to help guide you. From lived experience, I understand the importance of having a safe support person during your journey. As a Recovery Coach I will work with you to reach your goals, both big and small.

In my spare time you’ll typically find me reading a good thriller, baking, on a run, or spending time with my dog. I am a morning person and love being outside.

Our team believes in you and will do whatever-it-takes, notwithstanding what their official job description may be. We are here for YOU.