Good Stories

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Kate’s Story

Meet Kate, a 31 year old woman who experiences bipolar disorder. See how she’s using Recovery Coaching to reconnect with herself and find joy in life.

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Ron’s Story

Meet Ron – his psychosocial disability has reduced his mobility but not his optimism and quest to live a better life. Learn more.

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Living with Bipolar Disorder

My name is Dov and I was born and raised in Melbourne. I graduated from medicine and studied hard to become a specialist physician. My passions outside work include socialising, exercising, reading, music and travel. Amidst all of this, I also happen to have bipolar...

Sharing stories is one of the most important ways we know how to ensure you are seen.

Hearing what’s worked for others, may direct your thinking to figure out what works for you. We see you. We see your struggles and your triumphs. We see you. We see hope.

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