We provide ongoing support on your recovery journey


Recovery Coaching is a funded support available under the NDIS for people with a psychosocial disability.

One Good* Day is a registered NDIS provider and works together with you to ensure you are getting the support you need to build and use your strengths to achieve the life you want. This will be different for everyone depending on your requirements, but your plan might include getting out and about more, improving and coordinating your support team, or moving forward and managing the challenges of life.

You can do this. Together we will work out what works for you.

Even though you might be going through a difficult time, you’re in the driver’s seat and we’ll continue to work with you to reach one good day, and then another.

OG*D is about a holistic approach to mental health and ensuring all avenues are explored so you have the best plan and chance to achieve your goals.

Our team will work with you and others that you choose. This might be family members, carers and other key supports. Together we will implement and monitor a recovery plan that is tailored to you. We use an individualised approach because that’s what works.

As experts in the NDIS, our team of Recovery Coaches also ensure that you are maximising your funding and NDIS plan.

All OG*D Recovery Coaches come from a place of lived or ongoing learned experience. That means, while being experts in our fields and having a professional approach at all times, we have first-hand knowledge of Psychosocial Disability and mental health. The job of a Recovery Coach is to be a champion and an advocate. To listen without judgment, be a cheer squad and support you to achieve your goals.

Whatever it takes—that’s our job description.