Kate’s Story

Sep 14, 2021 | Featured, Good Stories

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Kate’s Story


At One Good* Day, our clients come from a range of different backgrounds, are a variety of ages and each have their own unique story to tell of their psychosocial disability. Meet 31 year old Kate – she is a qualified Maths and Art teacher and has experienced bi-polar disorder since going through a breakdown in 2017. 


Kate’s story sheds light on the challenges many of our clients face everyday when navigating things that used to be easy in life. But with the support of her Recovery Coach, Lisa, Kate is working to manage her bipolar and is beginning to find joy and independence in her life again.  

What is bipolar disorder?

Typified by intense mood swings from high highs to depressing lows, the exact cause of bipolar disorder remains unknown. However, it’s often the result of a combination of genetics, environmental factors and changes to brain chemistry.


“I live with general and social anxiety, depression (including suicidal thoughts) and mild mania,” Kate explains. “I have trouble facing day-to-day life when I know that my mood is constantly changing.”


Bipolar can include episodes of psychosis and is a lifelong psychosocial disability, requiring both medication and psychotherapy to be managed. 

Setting her NDIS plan in motion

When Kate was first referred to One Good* Day, her main goal was to find the support she needed via Recovery Coaching and to activate her NDIS plan


“I received regular contact, especially before the supports were set up,” Kate says, “and ongoing support with supports and goal setting. She [Lisa] encourages me to continue with my goals even if I have had a bad day.”


Our Recovery Coaches set out to support clients like Kate to get just one good day because we have seen the power and momentum that one good day can create. Kate now has the support she needs to build her capacity and rediscover life’s simple pleasures.


“I now have regular support and Allied Health assistance,” she offers. “I am now connected with an Occupational Therapist and psychologist, as well as an art therapist (which I love doing).” 

Embracing the journey ahead

Kate has come a long way in the last few years, but she’s aware of and embraces the road to come. 


“Psychosocial disability is a lifelong battle; it is not something that I will just get over,” she explains. “It’s about learning how to minimise its impact on my life.”


Kate celebrates her progress with Lisa and is proud of her achievements thus far. She hasn’t cancelled her support services because of her mood and is now learning to cook. On top of that, she’s also had the courage to arrange an art exhibition, something she may not have thought possible even a year ago. 

One Good* Day Recovery Coaching 

If, like Kate, your NDIS plan includes Recovery Coaching, we’d love to support you. Give us a call to discuss your options and take the first step towards getting that one good day this week.

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