Swinburne x OG*D

Centre for Social Impact Swinburne recently completed a study on One Good* Day outcomes and the findings are extraordinary!

We’re proud to have partnered with top tier researchers at Centre for Social Impact Swinburne (CSI Swinburne) in a recent study that explored client outcomes and how our unique organisational design can be a game changer in the NDIS landscape.

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Overall, clients reported that Recovery Coaching generated positive changes, particularly relating to:

  • Building strategies and feeling more able to get through difficult times


  • Benefiting from Recovery Coaches’ support to access services such as cleaning, gardening, occupational therapy or respite, and


  • A feeling of making progress, regaining more independence and working toward goals.

At OG*D we want to be the best and always be improving for you. Working with CSI Swinburne on this project has highlighted some of clear benefits of Recovery Coaching done right, and given us some areas to work with you on making better. Check out the research publications here: