Lee’s Story

Feb 23, 2021 | Featured, Good Stories

Empathy, Always.

Many clients come to OG*D and realise it’s the first time in years that they could truly be themselves.

I have a level of trust with my Recovery Coach where I can be honest and not just put on the same brave mask that I show the world,”

Lee tells us.

For many, this ‘front’ is a defence mechanism and it’s something they don’t even realise they are doing. When there is complete trust and a safe network to rely on, the mask can come off. The relief is palpable. 

Being able to truly express how you are feeling or what you are thinking is vital to the process of recovery. ‘My Recovery Coach couldn’t always understand what I was feeling, but never judged me,’ she explains. ‘When I was so overwhelmed with anxiety and I couldn’t even understand how I was feeling, he didn’t try to ‘fix’ it, he just made space for that so I could make steps towards change.’ 

Taking Control

When the depression got so bad that I needed to go to hospital, I didn’t feel judged. My Recovery Coach reminded me that I was actually in control, and I was just doing what I needed to do at the time. Living with mental health means experiencing the cyclic nature of illness,”

Lee tells us.

OG*D understands that mental health is a process. It’s time to reframe the narrative. One Good* Day isn’t about having a perfect day. A good day is accessing the help needed to take control. A good day is being able to identify when something doesn’t feel right. A good day is being admitted to hospital because that means that the process of recovery has already started. One Good* Day sets you up for the next good day and the days that follow.

My Recovery Coach doesn’t just ‘know’ me on my good days, he’s seen me on my not so good days and regardless, he is the same solid and reliable connection,

Lee tells us.

Reliability and consistency is key. Our Recovery Coaches are dependable. Their job is to be there, no matter what.

Positive Steps

Recovery Coaches are in the privileged position of being able to witness the remarkable changes in the lives of each client. “My Recovery Coach was instrumental in assisting me to find a job. Since then, I’ve felt empowered to take on new challenges and responsibilities because he has been by my side cheering me on from the sideline! He knows how hard it can feel sometimes, but he is still helping me to grow by gently pushing my boundaries more and more,” Lee says.

I’ve always felt like I needed to hide my mental health, but not with my Recovery Coach,

Lee explains.

We hear versions of this again and again, and it’s at the heart of why OG*D was founded. No one should ever feel that they need to hide. Shame has no place in recovery. 

Practical Assistance

When I’m so anxious I can’t make a decision, my Recovery Coach has been there with me and patiently supported me to make my own decisions,

Lee says.

Recovery Coaches are able to build strong relationships with clients so they can offer the support needed.

My Recovery Coach listens and when there’s a silent pause in the phone call he just lets me be until I gather my thoughts and am ready to speak.

You know you’ve got a really good Recovery Coach when he makes everything seem doable! He ‘gets’ mental health and that means the world to me.


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