What is Recovery Coaching?

Feb 25, 2021 | Blog, Recovery Coaching

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What is Recovery Coaching?

OG*D provides specialised Recovery Coaching services. But…what actually is Recovery Coaching? The short answer is that it is a service funded under the NDIS for people living with psychosocial disability (a term used by the NDIS to describe a disability that may arise from a mental health issue). 


Essentially, it is the job of a Recovery Coach to ensure individuals achieve this sense of wellbeing and work towards their recovery goals. Each clients’ recovery goals will look different, because wellbeing also looks different for each individual. 


Individualised and personalised support is key


A Recovery Coach may assist by: 

  • Supporting you to clarify your preferences, goals and support resources through developing a recovery plan (or Wellness Recovery Action Plan).

  • Assisting you to develop the skills of recovery: empowerment, understanding and using personal strengths, ‘stick-to-itiveness’ (grit and determination), self-compassion and care and help-seeking at appropriate times. 

  • Engaging and assisting you to coordinate the other supports in your life – ensuring that all supports are working to a recovery-oriented model and are using a collaborative approach.

  • Supporting you to engage with and navigate the NDIS and implement your NDIS plan effectively.


Recovery Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach and recovery is not a destination. At OG*D, we work within the framework for recovery and adapt based on each individual’s needs and wants. 

We know that easing the external pressures is one of the best ways for our clients to be able to focus on their own needs. So we simplify where we can, navigating the NDIS on behalf of our clients, engaging with family members, allied health professionals or other support networks where this is required. 


The Recovery model is at the heart of this support


Psychosocial disability can be complex, show up in different ways for people and is often episodic. Recovery Coaches ‘get’ it. Things change from day to day. OG*D coaches build strong relationships with clients and then remain a consistent source of support.

Consistency is key.  We’re here. We show up. It’s literally in our job description! But we do it because it works, and we’re here for all of it. 

At OG*D, Recovery Coaches are advocates, cheerleaders and NDIS experts, they are also trained professionals, in many cases with lived experience. Recovery Coaching is a proven way for participants to get the support they need to live the lives they want. Take the first step in your recovery journey here.

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