The value of lived experience

Mar 14, 2023 | Blog, Recovery Coaching

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The value of lived experience

People with lived experience of mental illness and recovery have a huge amount to offer. This includes sharing their insights for things like better program and policy development.


As Recovery Coaches at One Good* Day, we are particularly excited about the immense value that people’s lived experiences bring to another area – the lives of the people they support!


It can be a bit challenging to describe exactly why a Recovery Coach with lived experience is often an amazing option. So, after lots of discussions and reflection here at One Good* Day, we have come up with our very own formula for describing what makes Recovery Coaches with lived experience so amazing for the people they support.


Our very own magic descriptive formula…


It’s HEART. Hope. Empathy. Accountability. Relatability. Trust.


H is for HOPE


What could be more encouraging than seeing firsthand that serious progress along a recovery journey is possible? Einstein said that “the only source of knowledge is experience”; and we tend to agree.


At One Good* Day, we welcome our team as their whole selves; a sum of their life experiences, the path that they’ve taken to get here and their willingness to provide support to those who may find themselves struggling through their own journey. By employing this holistic approach, we are ensuring that we can relate and empathise.


A good Recovery Coach is a purveyor of hope, and what’s more hopeful than someone who has progressed to the point in their recovery journey that they are now supporting others with theirs?


E is for EMPATHY


There is nothing quite like the solidarity of having shared a challenging life experience. Whilst your Recovery Coach’s experience may be different to your own, the feeling of unity that a similar shared experience brings can be really powerful.


Each journey is unique and each person’s recovery journey is tailored to them, but there’s nothing like similar experiences to provide a short-cut right to deep empathy.




Times can be tough, you may have periods of helplessness and despair. Having a One Good* Day Recovery Coach on your team can encourage you to move forward towards your goals. With your very own cheer-person there to keep you on track and remind you that you are DOING IT (whatever ‘it’ may be), you can reflect on the progress you’ve made. Somebody who will offer a judgement-free space for you to talk to them, and help you to navigate through any obstacles and speed bumps.


Working with someone who has dug deep themselves and persevered can be a quiet yet powerful motivator that spurs you on to take that one more step when you need to most.




Good* Recovery Coaching is all about good, productive and respectful relationships. When you find yourself with a Recovery Coach with whom you can relate, a strong connection is already half-way to being forged. Rapport is the key to building trust!


T is for TRUST


Although we have come a long way in the Mental Health sector, those who seek primary mental health support for psychosocial disability are still sometimes met with judgement and stigmatisation. At One Good* Day, we know first hand the importance of trust which we see as a combination of being non-judgemental and being consistent, predictable and reliable. We know just how fundamental a foundation of mutual respect is when forming relationships, and we turn up when we say we will.


Our not-so-secret weapon


At One Good* Day, we not only talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our secret weapon is not such a secret – over 70% of our Recovery Coaches have their own lived experience – their own stories of recovery.


At OG*D, lived experience is a force multiplier that brings an unparalleled level of hope, empathy, accountability, relatability, and trust.


We put our lived experience workforce, right at the centre of everything – right where the HEART belongs.


We lead with our values


One Good* Day is committed to supporting self-care and wellbeing across the team. We lead with our values and are very intentional about our organisational culture. We use a small team approach, flexibility, open communication, and empowerment to support people to thrive. Regular, formal reflective practice is an essential ingredient to the health and happiness of our teams, and the continued development of their practice approaches with the people they support (read more here).


If you are an individual who is seeking that extra level of support from a One Good* Day Recovery Coach, or you feel well suited to become a One Good* Day Recovery Coach, please get in touch.

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