LGBTQIA+ Safe Services with Recovery Coaches

May 12, 2023 | Blog, Recovery Coaching

LGBTQIA+ Safe Services with Recovery Coaches

At One Good* Day, we highly value the safety, comfort and accessibility of our Recovery Coaching services for our LGBTQIA+ community. 


We operate across the rainbow; and we tailor our care to each and every individual who seeks our assistance and support. Our One Good* Day NDIS Recovery Coaches are familiar with LGBTQIA+ issues and provide an inclusive, safe space that respects the needs of everyone. One Good* Day Recovery Coaches have a diverse range of lived experiences and there is almost always some on the team who is a perfect match!



Perspectives: identity + intersectionality + culture + lived experience


Discrimination, marginalisation, exclusion, prejudice, shame, ignorance and misinformation has perpetuated a difficult landscape for our queer community to navigate. These experiences are as unique as they are plentiful; and so a trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive approach is vital. Every individual has their own values system, identity, beliefs and perspectives that shape who they are. One Good* Day Recovery Coaches are mindful and respectful, allowing the people they support to lead the discussion for their own unique set of circumstances.



Language for safety: pronouns, names – just ask!


Gender is a spectrum, which for some remains fluid. Understanding our clients’ identity and their chosen pronouns is such an important first step when establishing rapport with our LGBTQIA+ clients. Affirming language – that includes all valid gender specificity and fluidity – is something our Recovery Coaches hold front and center. 



Safety = No judgement, queer specific surrounds, accessible amenities


At One Good* Day, we ensure our environment is supportive and inclusive, complete with LGBTQIA+ specific imagery, artwork and representation. Representation matters and we keep it in focus. 



Client Confidentiality & Identity Safety


When you are working with a One Good* Day Recovery Coach, you are in a judgement-free environment. We understand the privilege we have been granted as your Recovery Coach and will keep your gender identity safe. We will not breach the immense trust it has taken to seek support and we thank you for your vulnerability. 



Let’s rehash! One Good* Day Recovery Coaches = Safe Secure Space for LGBTQIA+ folks


In conclusion, our One Good* Day Recovery Coaches practice safe NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching services for individuals from LGBTQI+ communities, taking a holistic yet individualised approach for our highly diverse clients. 


Providing a safe, private, affirming and inclusive space, and collaborating with the community and relevant organisations, we can ensure the beautiful spectrum of gender-diverse and varied identities within the queer community are best supported, always. Trauma-informed and culturally competent approaches are the backbone of our wonderful relationship with the queer community. From our language to our surroundings – our care and support is tailored to you as an individual and we thank you for trusting us with your recovery journey. 


Now: Go forth, and shine! 🏳️‍🌈

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