Michael’s Story

Aug 22, 2022 | Featured, Good Stories

Silhouette of a grandfather walking holding hands with a grandchild on a pier with a flock of birds.


For many, going to the shops is an everyday task. When you’re living with social anxiety, the idea of venturing into the community can feel distressing.


Just a few months ago, Michael struggled to leave his home due to overwhelming feelings at the anticipation of lots of people.


Seeing Michael now, is like meeting a new man.


This incredible progress has all been down Michael’s hard work and dedication to get back out there.


His family, NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach, and Mental Health Support Worker are all cheering him on every step of the way.



Support fuels determination


Michael is in his 60’s and lives with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.


When One Good* Day Recovery Coach, Anthony, met Michael he was very reserved and cautious. Michael was supported by an SRS (Supported Residential Service) as he was unable to live alone.


As Michael and Anthony developed their working relationship, Michael started making progress and Anthony quickly realised that Michael never gives up. With grit and the will to put in the work, Michael has now moved out of the SRS and is back to living independently.


Michael’s daughter and grandkids are a huge source of inspiration for him. During their regular visits – he lights up.


Small steps, big milestones


To us, it looks like Michael is back in the driver’s seat of this recovery journey. It’s incredibly inspiring to get to see the positive changes coming from Michael’s courage and strength.


This inspiring image shows Michael’s first time out to a Westfield shopping centre to try on some new glasses.

Michael and his Support Worker are trying on glasses.

Michael is now regularly finding joy in visiting his local library to read new books, walking to the local shops, and learning to cook.


“Everything about Michael is improving on a weekly basis. He keeps putting one foot in front of the other and is expressing his needs more.” Anthony, One Good* Day Recovery Coach.


Michael is doing so much more for himself but is still open to, and appreciative of, support such as having assistance around the house.


Pursuing passions


For those living with a mental illness, every day can have its challenges. Everyone’s recovery journey is different. This is where setting recovery goals can make all the difference.


As a registered NDIS provider, One Good* Day works together with Michael to ensure he is getting the support he needs to build the life he wants.


The heart of the Recovery Coaching role is a strong recovery-oriented relationship that is built on trust and non-judgement. Recovery Coaches are consistent and reliable.


As a Recovery Coach, Anthony will ensure all avenues are explored so Michael has the best plan and chance to achieve his goals.


Michael loves to give back to his local community. One of the goals that he wanted to achieve through One Good* Day and his NDIS plan is volunteering.


“He’s making such an amazing effort to get back into the community. We are now discussing how we can assist him with getting into some volunteering work. He’s in the process of connecting with social support programs who help vulnerable people in his local area.” Anthony says.


Reconnecting Michael with his passions is the key to a meaningful recovery journey.


One Good* Day is here, whatever it takes


Rebuilding your life can be hard, we understand that change takes time.


Reach out to us on 1300 146 631 or contact us to find out how a Recovery Coach can help you create the life you want.

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