One Good* Day welcomes a new cohort of NDIS Recovery Coaches

Sep 28, 2023 | Blog, Recovery Coaching

One Good* Day welcomes a new cohort of NDIS Recovery Coaches

At One Good* Day, we believe in the power of personal stories and lived experience. Our Recovery Coaches are no exception. Let’s hear from our newest recruits in their own words.


Bree from Queensland

A photo of Recovery Coach Bree


Introduced early to the idea of focusing on “ability rather than disability”, Bree has navigated numerous roles within the mental health and disability sectors. Over the years, she has garnered a wealth of knowledge and is now complementing her hands-on experience with a Bachelor of Counselling.


Unique Offering:
Bree believes in the power of listening. In her words, she has a “knack for making people feel comfortable and safe to share their experiences.” Her creativity and reflective nature ensure that every path is explored and every hurdle addressed.


Bree’s Good Day:
A good day for Bree is one where she can “smile about something I’ve achieved even in the midst of chaos.” It might be a garden task, an academic accomplishment, or a heartwarming message from a loved one.


Mitch from Queensland

A photo of Recovery Coach Mitch


With a vast personal experience in mental health and a Diploma to boot, Mitchell’s journey has led him to work in some intense environments. His insight? He has a “true understanding of what our clients live every day with.”


Unique Offering:
Mitchell brings an in-depth knowledge from his time at The Park Forensic Mental Health Centre, confident in what he can contribute to the team and clients alike.


Mitchell’s Good Day:
For Mitchell, simplicity is key. A “stress-free day without having any concerns or worries” defines his perfect day.



Loren from Queensland

A photo of Recovery Coach Loren


Loren’s path intertwines her academic pursuits in psychology with her personal experiences. Through it all, she’s had the opportunity to work with diverse individuals, teaching her more about humanity and mental health.


Unique Offering:
Loren values genuine interactions, always “leaving judgment at the door.” She’s a strong believer in empathy and understanding, considering them the bedrock of effective support.


Loren’s Good Day:
Presence is paramount for Loren. Her ideal day involves “keeping to my healthy habits and routine”, with quality time spent with loved ones and her canine companion.



Vicky from Queensland

A photo of Recovery Coach Vicky


Vicky’s journey is intimately tied with her personal experiences. Through it all, she’s learned and grown, completing certifications in Individual Support and Mental Health.


Unique Offering:
Building strong relationships is Vicky’s forte. She’s always found it easy to “build rapport with my clients” and is ever ready to lend a helping hand.


Vicky’s Good Day:
Routine and schedule, even amidst the unpredictability of life, make for Vicky’s good day. It’s a day where she’s had “enough sleep the night before” and when she can stick to her routine.


Empathy, Experience and Expertise: Our promise to you


Our Recovery Coaches come with a depth of understanding, resilience, and empathy. They are ready and eager to guide our clients through their mental wellness journey. Connect with us to find the perfect Recovery Coach for your needs.

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