Forest Bathing with Recovery Coach Rufino

Jul 7, 2023 | Blog, Make It A Good* Day

Forest Bathing with Recovery Coach Rufino

At One Good* Day, we are constantly learning from the lived experiences of our diverse and brilliant team of Recovery Coaches. Team-driven discussions around relevant approaches to support psychosocial disability provide a constant hum of activity in the office.


Our Recovery Coaching team’s collective expertise allows One Good* Day clients to learn about various practices like Meditation, Art Therapy and a newer focus for us that we are so excited about – Forest Therapy! One Good* Day, Recovery Coach Rufino, a valued member of #teamogd shared his knowledge and expertise on Forest Therapy, focusing on its emerging recognition under the NDIS.


What is Forest Therapy?


A slow and guided forest walk lasting 2-3 hours, Forest Therapy is a combination of practicing mindfulness and taking part in creative and interactive guide-led practices and activities to connect with your awe-inspiring surroundings.


Valued One Good* Day Recovery Coach Rufino is currently working to become a Forest Therapy Guide, a qualification that will allow him to lead these sensory, slow-paced, mindful immersions in nature. Scientifically backed by the International Nature & Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) Forest Therapy shows immense benefits on wellbeing, particularly for people who suffer from psychosocial disability.


A forest therapy session with One Good* Day Recovery Coach Rufino. Four people are standing in a forest looking at trees.


Forest Therapy Origins


Originating way back in 1983 in Japan, Forest Therapy is by no means ‘new’. Rather, it’s a well-used modality for treating psychosocial illness that has recently gained attention for its inclusion in NDIS funding. Today, the Australian branch of the INFTA has become well established, encouraging public wellbeing with Public Awareness Workshops run by the council.


What are the benefits of Forest Therapy?


When led by a qualified Guide, Forest Therapy – a slow, purposeful immersion in nature – has both direct and indirect benefits.


  • Chemically, trees and plants effuse a ton of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral elements for better overall health. This can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, pulse rate and stress, whilst increasing cancer-fighting cells, mood, energy and concentration.


  • Physically, Forest Therapy can improve weight loss, Vitamin D exposure, fresh air, less chance of heart and lung disease/obesity, improved immune function and so much more.


  • Mentally, the combination of the physical and chemical benefits lead to better coping skills in stressful situations, an improved state of mind, better sleep – and better confidence! A triple whammy of goodness, immersed in beautiful nature.


Where can I do it?


Pardon the pun – but it’s a walk in the park! To be a true ‘forest therapy’ experience, the wander into nature must be 2-3 hours long, and facilitated by a qualified guide. Forest Therapy is a largely accessible, affordable public health practice.  The Australian branch of INFTA provides certified Forest Therapy Guides and Therapy trails to support this NDIS-acknowledged, highly-beneficial therapy. 


A forest therapy session with One Good* Day Recovery Coach Rufino. Three people are walking in a forest looking at trees.


Recovery Coaches – Trailblazers of Exciting Therapies for OG*D Clients


Thanks to Rufino, we now have a firm grasp on Forest Therapy and its application in our psychosocial disability space. With so many wonderfully experienced Recovery Coaches, we are proud to expand our well-supported treatment modalities, by sharing expertise from those who’ve been where you may be. At One Good* Day, we strive to offer a comprehensive toolbox of resources and ideas for your recovery journey. Stay tuned for more, or head to our website to learn more about complementary therapies like Art Therapy and Meditation

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