We are committed to you. We use a team approach to ensure that our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are there at the right time with the right skills.

Our team comes from a background of lived and learned experience. That means we are always professional but we have an understanding that runs deep. We’ve been there. We get it.

As well as hearing your specific requirements, our team of coaches has an understanding of NDIS planning and mental health. We’re essentially your very own cheer squad, advocates, leaders, and motivation managers. We believe in you.

is our founder*.

Kollen has decades of leadership and education experience and is now known for building effective, modern service organisations under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Kollen’s passion is to create empowering places to work because he knows these environments attract the best people and lead to the best outcomes for customers. Respect, trust, accountability, and walking alongside people on their own journey are central to his approach.

is one of our key advisors*.

Sam has been working in mental health and human services for over 15 years, which means he has seen it all! From working in front-line service delivery roles, leading operational teams, and holding senior exec positions – including policy work for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Sam works as General Manager of Strategy and Customer Experience for one of Australia’s largest disability service providers. His passion is contributing to building more inclusive communities and effective services for people with ongoing support needs.

Photo of team member Lisa

is our  national manager recovery coach*.

Lisa has loads of experience at a senior management level for service delivery organisations. She draws on her own experience and passion for inclusive communities to deliver outstanding services to the people we support.

Photo of team member Uani

is our senior recovery coach*.

With over 15 years’ experience providing mental health, wellbeing and recovery support, Uani uses a combination of lived and learned experience to support others. She understands how important it is to be heard, and how empowering it can be to be able to identify and communicate your needs to a support team. Uani creates a space of mutual respect, safety and trust to support her clients and set the foundations to happiness and wellbeing.

Team member Mimi

is our recovery coach*.

Mimi is one of our Melbourne based recovery coaches. Her experience at Adult Prevention and Recovery and Community Housing in Frankston has given her an invaluable perspective on psychosocial challenges and how life-changing it can be to get the right support and guidance. With a degree in social science specialising in psychology, Mimi brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the value of mental health support in the community.

Team member Mimi

is our senior recovery coach*.

Nick brings his lived experience of mental ill-health and Complex PTSD to his role as our Senior Recovery Coach  for NSW. As a qualified counsellor, Nick believes psychosocial disabilities are superpowers. He works with his clients to harness their superpowers to be the best version of themselves because he knows how important it is to feel supported. Nick is a proud Aboriginal man currently working towards a PhD in psychology and can be seen on the speaking circuit around Australia sharing his recovery journey to audiences of all ages.

is our learning and development partner*.

Denise and the Academy of Mental Health Counselling provide all foundational and ongoing in-house training to our team to make sure we are up to speed on the best knowledge and practice skills.

is an adviser & content contributor*.

A practising medical specialist with lived experience of mental illness, Dov volunteers as a mental health advocate for SANE Australia and Beyond Blue. With a passion for destigmatising mental illness both within the medical community and wider society, he brings a unique and empathetic perspective to the OG*D team having experienced both sides of the fence as a medical practitioner and as a patient.

Our team believes in you and will do whatever-it-takes, notwithstanding what their official job description may be. We are here for YOU.